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Hypersafe Online Resources:

Hypersafe Capabilities

Click here to download a prospectus of some of the services and products that are offered by Hypersafe Consultants in a printerfriendly Word 2000' document.'

Curriculum Vitae

If you would like to obtain an electronic copy of either Neil or Jenny's  C. V  please email your request by clicking the link above or emailing. .
Hypersafe Client Update

Click the Link above for information provided
by WorkSafe.
 Job Safety Analysis Form (J.S.A)

The J.S.A is used to systematically analyse tasks to identify hazards so that levels of risk can be allocated to each of the identified process steps. Hazard control measures applicable to the level of risks identified in each of those steps, are then able to be put in to place in accordance with the hierarchy of Risk Management controls.

Further information can be gained by reading the following Australian Standards in Safety and Risk management: AS 4360, 4804, and 4801.
Sample PIN Document

Click Here to download a sample Provisional
Improvement Notice. (PIN)
Manual Handling Risk Assessment Form

Click Here to download a the Manual Handling code of practice, then refer to pages 59 through 65 for the Manual Handling Risk Assessment Form.
Noise Audit Compliance Mapping

Click Here to download a form for Noise as per the Code
of Practice requirements.


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