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Australia's Electrical and Communications Association
'The National Electrical and Communications Association [NECA] have used Hypersafe Consultants, and in particular Neil Riches, to assist with the and the establishment of the Association’s OHS, QA, Environmental and Workers Compensation management systems and ongoing issues. Whether it be for advice, conference or seminar presentations, preparation of business documents or development and delivery of training the NECA has found Hypersafe to be outstanding with its delivery.

Feedback to NECA from members about Hypersafe’s performance has consistently been exemplary with particular emphasis on the consultants’ style of delivery and his ability to capture the audience at any level and impart his wealth of knowledge in a format that is easily understandable but at the same time delivering the appropriate message. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hypersafe to any business who wants the right message given about OHS etc. '

- NECA OHS Manager.

Leading National Agribusiness
'Timbercorp has sought Hypersafe's expertise for a higher level of OHS compliance management and compliance reporting'

- Integrated Systems Manager.

Privatised Government Transport Utility
'After implementing your advice in regard to our Workcover issues we have just received a refund of $660,000 rebate on our workers compensation premium.'

- Systems Manager.

Major National Cleaning Franchise
'After your advice on the dangers of the chemicals and processes our company uses daily, we have made significant changes to our processes, procedures, substituted chemicals and trained our employees. We now find through our awareness that productivity and employee retention is at an all time high.'

- Franchise Manager.
Engineering Firm
'The training consultants from Hypersafe made an unpopular topic interesting, I would recommend and use Hypersafe in the future. The Hypersafe webpage is useful for us to gain information about Hypersafe and the services provided.'

- Manager.

Prominent Employer Industry Representative
'The service provided by Hypersafe was excellent and feedback from the trainees indicates a high level of acceptance. The Hypersafe Consultants provided informative, entertaining and educationally sound presentations. As an employer organisation, we endeavor to offer high quality industry responsive training, Hypersafe has allowed us to achieve this. We will certainly use their professional services again in the future.'

- Executive Officer.

Transport Franchise
'We will continue to use and recommend Hypersafe. With extremely competitive costing and better than excellent service - Thanks. '

- Managing Director.

Aged Care Organisation
'Information was presented in a simple and easy to understand format, constant reinforcement helped retain the material taught. The trainer was obviously extremely gifted in delivery of information - Possesses a talent that made a potentially boring subject very interesting, enjoyable and informative. I would highly recommend Hypersafe for any future training or development - Very well organised and "knows his stuff".'


 Air-conditioning Maintenance Firm
‘The board briefing was excellent, we were very pleased with the structure and content, impressed with the practical input and very complimentary on your ability to deliver the appropriate message. Nothing that I didn’t expect from Hypersafe.’

Senior Manager.

Paper Manufacturer
‘The most important part of training is for the facilitator to relate to the audience we found the Facilitator related exceptionally well to all participating. He was able to make a big cultural change in the way in which our team of safety representatives approached their roles.’

Safety Manager.



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