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   Manual Handling Training

Manual handling is the cause of one in three Australians sustaining a workplace injury through out all industry groups.
Good posture and lifting techniques can help reduce injuries but research supports a more overall approach that involves Risk management.  Where hazards are identified and assessed then eliminated or reduced, through changes to the work environment and/or work practices, is proven to be a more effective way to prevent manual handling injury.
Hypersafe provides Manual Handling training that is based on statutory compliance and is tailored to each particular industry environment.
The session provides instruction on safe manual handling techniques and also teaches participants how to carry out risk assessments to ensure risk control measures can be implemented, in consultation with their employer, to prevent injury.
Training is delivered on site by qualified and experienced Certificate IV facilitators.
All employers have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment for their employees, and it is each employee’s duty to ensure they work safely, so together they can prevent manual handling injury.



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