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  Job Safety Analysis (J.S.A)

Hypersafe Safe Work Method Statement (S.W.M.S) (previously Job Safety Analysis (J.S.A)) workshop allows participants the opportunity to learn the principles of developing a S.W.M.S (J.S.A) and then practically implementing it in a class room environment.

The S.W.M.S (J.S.A) course is designed for all industries with a “hands on” approach involving all participants.
The Course Content includes:

  An understanding of A.S 4360 Risk Management Principals.
  Basic Employee, Contractor, Public, Designer, Supplier, Manufacturer, Importer and
    Employer Safety requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  Theory behind developing a sound S.W.M.S (J.S.A)
  Practical application of a S.W.M.S (J.S.A) in the participants own specific industry.
  Learning in a “Consultative team” environment designed to simulate in field or
    workshop environments.



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